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1. About cookies in general


Cookies are short text files that are placed by browsers on a computer. Cookies are widely used for the efficient operation of websites or the provision of web services and functions.

Cookies can be "permanent" or "temporary" cookies. The persistent cookie is stored by the browser for a certain period of time, provided that the user does not delete it before, but the temporary cookie is not stored by the browser, it is automatically deleted by closing the browser.

2. Cookies used by this website


The cookies used by this website are necessary for the proper provision of the services. Disabling these cookies The cookies used by this website are summarized in the table below, showing the purpose for which they were used and when they were deleted.

Cookie Name and type Function Date / deadline for cancellation
Session configuration


(temporary cookie)

Contains session settings, ensures that the session / cookie is unique on a machine / browser. 4 o'clock
A cookie that records your consent to the use of a cookie


(permanent cookie)

This cookie stores the fact that the user has accepted the cookie policy, so the system will not warn you about accepting the policy several times. 1 month
Language selection session


temporary cookie)

This is a temporary cookie that records the language chosen by the user, provided that this website is available in several languages. 4 o'clock
User message


(temporary cookie)

Contains a message to be displayed to the user by the system. 4 o'clock
User session


(temporary cookie)

Required to access the closed area of ​​this website. 4 o'clock
Shopping cart session configuration


(temporary cookie)

Contains cart settings. 4 o'clock


3. Cookies used by third parties


The cookies used by third parties are summarized in the table below, showing the purpose for which they were used and when they were deleted. These cookies are not placed in the browser by this website, but by third parties.

Cookie Name and type Function Date / deadline for cancellation
Google Analytics _utma: permanent cookie
_utmb: Temporary cookie
_utmc: Temporary cookie
_utmz: permanent cookie
These cookies used by third parties record how users use this website. Based on the information recorded in this way, statements can be prepared to help improve this website. Cookies record, among other things, the following information in a strictly anonymous manner: (i) the number of visitors to the website, (ii) the website from which visitors came to this website, and (iii) which pages of this website were visited by visitors to the website. You can learn about Google's policy here . _utma: 2 years
_utmb: 30 minutes 
_utmc: Close browser
_utmz: 6 months
Google Remarketing _gads



_gid is

a persistent cookie
Cookies created by Google that control the display of advertisements to the user. maximum 365 days


4. Change browser settings

Most browsers allow you to control the use of cookies. For more information about cookies in general and how to use and delete cookies, visit  or 

To learn more about the cookies used by Google Analytics and how to delete them, visit 

Please note that if the browser settings are changed so that the use of the cookie specified in points 2 and 3 is not enabled, the functions set out in points 2 and 3 of these policies will not be available on the website. available services will not be available.

5. Cookies and personal information

Cookies do not contain or store personal information, however, please note that personal information collected on this website will be linked to information stored in Session cookies.

6. Relationship between the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy

 This cookie policy is an integral part of the Privacy Policy of this website  .

7. Connection

This website is operated by Roland Horváth.
If you have any questions regarding these regulations or the use of cookies, you can contact the operator at the following contacts:
(a) By e-mail:
(b) By post: Zalacsány, Ady Endre utca 11.

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